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Registration Section ext:11202-11206 (registration)

Curriculum Section ext:11101-11205 (course selection guides)

Cashiers Section ext:13301-13305 (print-out of the tuition fee statement)   

Guidance and Counseling Section ext:11401-11402.11405.11409.11410 (accommodation platform)

Military Education & Campus Security Center ext:12102-12105 12109-12114 (Military service-related guides)

Extracurricular Activities Section ext:12201-12206 (loans、disadvantaged students program)

Health Section ext:12301-12306 (health insurance 、 check-up guides)

Continuing & Extension Education Division:18201-18204 


Academic Programs


College of Commerce and Management
  * Department of Commerce Automation & Management
* #Department of Marketing & Distribution Management
* Department of Leisure Management
* #Department of Real Estate Management
* Department of Business Administration
* #Department of International Trade
* Department of Information Management
* Department of Finance
* #Department of Accounting
* College of Computer Science
  * #Department of Computer and Communication
* Department of Computer Science and Information Engineering
* #Department of Computer Science
* #MA in E-Learning
* #MA in Multimedia and Animation
* College of Education
  * #Graduate Institute of Educational Administration
* Department of Educational Psychology and Counseling
* Department of Education
* Department of Early Childhood Education
* Department of Special Education
* #MA in Educational Supervision and Dvaluation
* MA in Management in Education and Cultural Industries
* College of Liberal Arts and Sciences
  * Department of Music
* Department of Cultural and Creative Industries
* Department of Social Development
* #Department of Chinese Language and Literature
* Department of Applied Japanese
* Department of Applied English
* Department of English
* MA in Teaching Chinese as a Second/Foreign Language
* "Studies of Health and Leisure & Cultural Industries for Indigenes" B.A.Program
* College of Science
  * Department of Science Communication
* Department of Applied Chemistry
* Department of Applied Mathematics
* Department of Applied Physics
* #Department of Physical Education
* MA in Ecological and Recreational Education
* Thin Film Science
* Bachelor Program in Robotics
* General Education Center
* #Center of Teacher Education